ming a pioneer in Alabama's child welfare reform due to the "R. C." lawsuit.

In 1990 Pam became a child advocate at the state level and was introduced to residential care from a different perspective than when "placing" children in care. Since 1994 Pam has worked in residential care in various capacities. Once "one" of those areas included development of training for employees.

Realizing the importance of education, Pam returned to school and received two more degrees, one in Human Development (UOA) and a Master's of Science, with a concentration in Family Studies (UOA).

Pam has continued to pursue her passion for training while employed, obtaining numerous teaching certifications in Crisis Prevention, Behavior Management, Alpine Tower & Ropes Course, Personal and Spiritual Growth, and most recently training director from the Langevin Training Center.

Pam has developed a training package that not only exceeds state mandates for residential child care employees, but incorporates experiential education and a spiritual dimension to customized trainings.

Trainings and consultations are not limited to residential and can be customized to meet agency and organizational needs for those working with humans from birth to death.

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