Our commitment to children and families is to provide healing and growth so individuals can lead productive lives. Our efforts are governed by the principles of a positive attitude, trust, respect, and honesty through cooperative teamwork.

Individuals Making Positive Affect in Children Today & Tomorrow

What to expect...
...to gain insight, information, and knowledge in family issues

...to have fun and be challenged while learning through experiential education

...to gain respect for self and from others

...to receive competency based training

...to gain skills for improved job performance.

...to never be the same BECAUSE

"Once the brain has expanded, it can NEVER again return to its' original form". Albert Einstein

  Training   About Pam Brown
Shortly after Pam Brown received her Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of MS, she became a mother. Her desire to be a stay home mom during those critical years and stay abreast of her professional goals led her to become a licensed foster parent. These early experiences were invaluable for where she is today.

Pam's early career included investigating child abuse, maintaing a foster care caseload in two different states for the Department of Human Resources, and later beco-